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From concept to completion - shipments to any destination in world.

ABTrans are an international logistics firm that is registered in the Russian Federation. The company provides a wide-ranging portfolio of global transportation services and offers shippers multiple transportation, logistics and freight forwarding solutions.

ABTrans are fully licensed/certified to provide wide spectrum logistical operations. Our representatives are based in the seaports of St. Petersburg, Vladivostok, Nahodka and Dubai. Our team combines more than 10 years of experience in this service field.

In addition to conventional transportation services our company:

  • Specializes in oversized, over-dimension and project cargo in conjunction with standard cargo, universal containers etc.
  • Provides services to large industrial/construction developments in gas, oil, mining and heavy machinery industries where it provides a wide range of services.
  • Optimization of loading timetables at the manufacturer sites in US, Canada and China.
  • Provides adherence to all necessary legal, customs and other procedures to ensure seamless cargo transit through Russia/CIS.
  • Delivers heavy, oversized and over dimensioned cargo to the remote locations by plane or helicopter.
  • Offers customers a wide range of global transportation, logistics and freight forwarding solutions.

Besides the standard services that are provided by many domestic and foreign firms, ABTrans provides several exclusive products such as,
Relocation of Heavy Machinery and Construction Sites - the aim of this service is to assist in the relocation of machinery, supplies and living quarters along the construction route of pipelines, power lines and highways.

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